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New models

After more than 50 days lockdown I was able to buy silver pellets. The first batch I have shaped in strips and these are designated for pendants and bracelets. The pictures below show a few unfinished examples. Now I have to weld them together and add the home made earth paste (soil particles combined with fluidised plant material; when dried: frost, heat and water resistant.


After more than 50 days of lockdown I can order silver again. The lockdown in South Africa effected people in a severe way; not only food parcels had/have to be distributed but also mentally damaging in the sense that normal personal contact such as handshaking, visiting friends, etc. are prohibited.

In the meantime I’ve been working with scrap material which I still had in stock. Just playing. See for yourself.

The jewellery with the flexible rings is fairly new. The ring itself is made of rubber and one size fits all. These are all unique titems.


New series of necklace figurines in the making. South African Sterling Silver combined with natural bonded earth minerals. All own design and handmade from scratch the old fashioned way. These new figurines will be presented at the Baardskeerdersbos Art Route (18-19 April) where I am the guest artist of Amanda Isadora Jephson.


Handmade of South African Sterling silver combined with century old pure copper.


“Now I am dressed! Thank you Dear Valentine”

Model shoot with Lauren Kehl. All jewellery designs by ME. Photography: Herman van Bon



Handmade of South African Sterling silver combined with century old pure copper.


Handmade of used plumbing material found at the scrapyard.

Tree Snake Bracelet

Handmade of South African Sterling silver combined with century old pure copper.

Retrospective 2019

Well …. I started 2019 in slow motion and ended up high speed. The last week of December I had time to contemplate and yes; 2020 is a new year with lots of opportunities. I think more unique single pieces and limited series. No casting; all handmade from scratch (from melting sterling silver pellets to the shaping of every single piece).

The second line (recycling) is in an upwards trend amongst the group between 40 and eternity.

Another activity is workshops where groups between 5 and 10 participants learn to make jewellery from treasures of the sea such as shells, driftwood and kelp. The first bookings (including from overseas) are in. It’s an ideal opportunity for people who want to celebrate their birthdays in an unusual setting, for corporate functions and for more adventurous travellers who want to avoid the tourist traps, etc. etc.

Anyways here a compilation of a few new designs of last year, some ‘bestsellers’ and activities such as workshops and displays at art events and so on.

This weekend at Gabrielskloof

For the third year in succession I participate in the ‘Favourite Things Market’ at Gabrielskloof in Botrivier. This is an upmarket event where people from different parts of South Africa and from abroad do their Christmas shopping.



Since recently I’m engaged in workshops. Today was the first day of a 2-day workshop for around 25 participants. It went well and I was amazed by the natural talent of the participants and the production of beautiful jewellery made of findings along the beach. I am assisted by Carin Maehr (in the main photo third from right in the frontline)


98 Sarel Cilliers Street
7270 Napier
Offers Workshops Jewellery Making, Fabric Painting and Photography during the Festive Season.
Jewellery Designer Yvonne de Wit introduces you to the art of sculpturing jewellery of beach findings (shells, kelp, etc.). 
Carin Maehr is widely known for her ability to work in a variety off mediums. In this workshop you will be given the opportunity to experience watercolor, Fabric paint, oil, charcoal, acrylics. Fabulous tips, techniques to get you going. For beginners. 
Photographer Herman van Bon learns you the basics of how to use your eyes. Your photography will drastically improve after his practical introduction.
We offer 3 day workshops with all subjects for R 2000.00 pp. For people who prefer to do only one of the workshops: R 800.00 pp
Rates, include light lunch and drinks
Minimum 5 and maximal approx. 10 participants.
For private workshops (functions, Birthdays, etc.) at a location of your choice contact us for more details.